With the hot weather finally here, iced drinks are a must to help keep us cool. But what happens when your ice maker stops working? There are a few reasons why your ice maker might stop working. It could be because the power is not turned on, the water supply is not connected, or something is blocking the ice maker from functioning properly. Whatever the reason, we’ll show you how to reset your ice maker, so it’s up and running again in no time.

How To Reset Ice Maker?

Your ice maker is essential to your kitchen appliance; you rely on it to make ice for your drinks. If it stops working, it can be a real pain. Fortunately, there are some things you can do to reset your ice maker and get it working again. The process may vary depending on the brand, and here are the steps in this regard:

How To Reset Different Ice Maker Brands?

To reset your ice maker, you will need to know what brand of ice maker you have. Depending on the brand, the reset process will be different. Here are instructions that’ll work with almost every type of ice maker:

1. Adjust the Feeler Arm

The feeler arm is a small metal arm that protrudes from the side of the ice maker. This arm tells the ice maker when to stop making ice. When the ice maker tray is full, the arm will be up. If the arm is down, it needs to be raised to do its job properly. Check if it is stuck in the down position and, if so, raise it so that it’s in the up position.

2. Press the Reset Button

Many ice makers will have a reset button that you can press to restart the ice-making cycle. This button is usually located near the feeler arm. Once you’ve found the reset button, press and hold it for five seconds. After five seconds, release the button and wait for the ice maker to start making ice again.

3. Restart It

If your ice maker doesn’t have a reset button or pressing the reset button doesn’t seem to be working, you can try restarting it by unplugging it from the power outlet and then plugging it back in. Once it’s plugged back in, wait a few minutes for the ice maker to start working again.

How to Reset a Frigidaire Ice Maker?

Hard resetting your ice maker is the last resort option. If you followed all other troubleshooting steps and the ice maker still will not work, you can try resetting it. To do this:

  • Hold the on/off switch down for 10 seconds until LED is red.
  • Wait a couple of minutes and then hold the same button until it’s green.
  • It should reset the ice maker and hopefully clear any issues.
  • If this doesn’t work, you may need to replace the control arm.

How to Reset a Manitowoc Ice Maker?

There is no reset button on Manitowoc ice makers, but there are a few simple steps you can follow to reset the machine.

  • First, try adjusting the feeler arm. If that doesn’t work, press and hold the off button for three seconds.
  • Then, unplug the machine for 15 minutes before turning it back on.
  • If a blue light appears, you successfully reset the ice maker.

That’s all there is to it. With these easy steps, you’ll have your Manitowoc ice maker up and running in no time.

How to Reset a Whirlpool Ice Maker?

To reset your Whirlpool ice maker, find the reset button. This could be located in one of the following places: Under the ice tray, under the ice tray and cover plate, or on the control panel.

  • Press and hold the power button for 3 seconds to turn it off. If your ice maker has a display, you will see all the lights turn off.
  • Once it’s off, press and hold the power button for 3 seconds to turn it back on.
  • The ice maker will go through its cleaning cycle and start making ice again.
  • Contact a certified repair technician if you still have trouble with your ice maker.

How to Reset a Samsung Ice Maker?

The TEST button on your Samsung ice maker is there for a reason, to test whether or not the ice maker is working properly. If the test button doesn’t work or you don’t hear a chime, the ice maker may need a reset. To reset your Samsung ice maker:

  • Remove the ice bucket from the ice maker.
  • Press and hold the TEST button for 3-5 seconds.
  • Put the ice bucket back in the ice maker.
  • Press the TEST button again to make sure that the reset was successful.

How to Reset a GE Ice Maker?

If GE ice maker doesn’t have a reset button, there are still steps that can be taken to reset it.

  • The first step is to adjust the feeler arm. If water does not immediately start filling the reservoir, move on to the next step.
  • Pressing the on/off button is the second step. After that, keep the ice maker unplugged for 15 minutes. Then, turn the ice maker back on.
  • If the red “Check Water” light is flashing, that might indicate a problem with the water supply, not the ice maker.
  • Check your water line to be sure it’s connected, and there is no blockage preventing water from reaching the ice maker. If everything looks good there, try resetting the ice maker again.

Follow these easy steps to get your GE ice maker working again. Don’t disturb the ice maker assembly and water filter without help from a technician.


Where Is The Reset Button On A Ice Machine?

The reset button on an ice machine is typically located behind the control panel. To reset the ice machine, press and hold the reset button for 5 seconds. In some cases, the reset button may be located on the side of the machine. Consult your ice machine’s manual for specific instructions.

How Do I Unclog My Ice Maker Water Line?

If your ice maker water line is clogged, you can try flushing it with a garden hose. Simply attach the garden hose to the inlet valve on the ice maker and turn on the water. Let the water run for a few minutes to clear any debris causing the clog. Also, you can try using a plunger to unclog the water line.

Why Is My Ice Maker Not Dumping Ice?

There are a few reasons your ice maker may not be dumping ice. First, ensure that the ice bin is properly positioned under the ice maker. If the ice bin is not positioned correctly, the ice maker will be unable to dump the ice. Also, make sure that the ice maker is turned on. If the ice maker is turned off, it will not be able to dump the ice. Furthermore, if the ice maker is not getting enough water, it will not be able to produce enough ice to dump. There could be a problem with the water supply line or the inlet valve.

Will Unplugging My Fridge Reset The Ice Maker?

Unplugging your fridge will not reset the ice maker. To reset the ice maker, you must press and hold the reset button for 5 seconds. The reset button is typically located behind the control panel. Or, you can consult your fridge’s manual for specific instructions.

Does Turning Off Water Affect Ice Maker?

Yes, turning off the water supply to the ice maker will affect its performance. The ice maker needs a constant supply of water to function properly. If the water is turned off, the ice maker will not be able to produce ice. Also, the ice maker may not work properly if the water pressure is too low.

How Do I Know If My Ice Maker Is Working?

There are a few ways you can tell if your ice maker is working properly. First, check to see if there is ice in the ice bin. If so, then it is likely that the ice maker is functioning properly. Also, check to see if water is dripping from the ice maker. If water is dripping, then the ice maker is probably working properly. Finally, check to see if the ice maker is producing the correct size and shape of ice cubes. If the ice maker is not working properly, it may need to be replaced.


With all this being said, the most important thing you can do if your ice maker stops working is to call a professional. Fixing it yourself could result in further damage and an even bigger repair bill. If you’re not comfortable with calling a repairman, there are some simple things you can try at home, like resetting the ice maker or checking the water line for blockages. But unless you’re confident in your DIY skills, it’s always best to err on the side of caution and call a pro.

We hope this article has helped troubleshoot your ice maker issue. Remember, if all else fails, don’t hesitate to contact a qualified appliance repair technician in your area. They’ll be able to diagnose the problem and get your faulty ice maker up and running again in no time.

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