A TV mounted above a fireplace can be a great way to save space and create a cozy atmosphere in your living room. However, one of the biggest challenges that come with this setup is hiding wires and keeping everything looking neat and tidy. Wires dangling from the TV to the outlet can be unsightly and dangerous for young children or pets. But don’t worry, we’ve got you covered! In this blog post, we will take you through all the steps required to hide those wires with ease. From choosing the right cable management kit to planning the wiring route, securing the track, attaching cord track covers, placing junction & corner covers, and painting the cord concealers, we have got it all covered. So let’s dive in and transform your living room with our TV Above Fireplace Solution!

Before and After TV Above Fireplace Solution

Creating a sleek and modern living space with a TV mounted above the fireplace is a good idea. However, unsightly wires must be hidden to achieve a clean and organized appearance. One of the different ways to hide wires is by using cable management tools such as cord covers or raceways. Professional installation services can also ensure safety and proper wire concealment. Before-and-after photos demonstrate how this solution can transform your home décor. This easy installation project requires planning the wiring route steps from the TV to mantel wiring, from mantel to outlet wiring, and cutting cord raceway track. You’ll also need to secure and attach cord track covers, place junction & corner covers, and paint the cord concealer for added privacy. Make sure you choose the right cable management kit that suits your entertainment center or smart TV requirements.

Required Supplies for Hiding Wires

To achieve a clean and organized appearance when installing a TV above the fireplace, specific supplies are required. A cable management kit is an essential tool that includes many accessories such as cable covers, adhesive tape, and more to keep wires concealed neatly. With the help of wireless HDMI transmitters, you can transmit audio and video signals wirelessly from your flat screen tv to a device plugged into the wall behind your fireplace that saves plenty of time and effort. In-wall power kits allow creating an electrical outlet behind your mounted tv without visible wires or cables dangling around it. Additionally, wall-mounted shelves are perfect for placing devices like gaming stations or streaming gadgets without cluttering up space around your viewing angle. Zip ties and Velcro straps can help create tidy bundles of cords that avoid unsightly wires interfering with decor elements.

Choosing the Right Cable Management Kit

For a sleek TV above fireplace setup, choosing the right cable management kit is crucial. Ensure you consider factors such as cable length, weight, and thickness before making your choice. Look for kits with adhesive clips or hooks that make installation easy. Choose a kit that complements your wall or furniture color and style. You can also find kits that can handle thicker cables like HDMI cables. Hiding unsightly wires has never been easier with cable management solutions like these!

Advantages of a Sleek Socket

Hiding wires behind your TV is made easier with the use of sleek sockets – an affordable and easy-to-install solution that can be painted to match the color of your wall. These sockets come in various sizes to accommodate different plug types and cord thicknesses, making them a versatile addition to any home entertainment setup. Not only does it declutter your living space, but it also provides a safer environment by eliminating tripping hazards caused by unsightly wires hanging around. Sleek sockets are indeed an excellent way to keep things neat and tidy while maintaining the aesthetic appeal of your living quarters.

Planning the Wiring Route Steps

When installing your TV above the fireplace, planning the wiring route is an important step towards achieving a clean and organized look. Begin by identifying nearby power sources and cable outlets before deciding on the best path for your TV wire and other cables. Concealing unsightly wires can be done using different ways like wire raceway or conduit. It’s always wise to plan ahead for future updates to your living room layout by considering additional devices or rearrangement of furniture in advance. Safety is also a priority when dealing with electrical wiring; always adhere to safety guidelines during installation.

From TV to Mantel Wiring

Planning ahead is essential when it comes to wiring from your TV above fireplace hide wires to your mantel. Measure the distance between both components and note any potential obstacles along the way. Using a stud finder will help you locate studs in the wall for secure wire placement. Opt for appropriate wiring material like in-wall rated HDMI cables or cable raceways for a clean and safe installation. Keep in mind that if you lack confidence in your wiring skills at any point throughout this process- hiring a professional electrician will do wonders!

From Mantel to Outlet Wiring

To hide unsightly wires when mounting a TV above a fireplace, it’s essential to plan the wiring route effectively. When considering wiring from the mantel to the outlet, begin by determining their respective locations. Take careful measurements to ensure that your chosen wiring will reach from one point to another. It’s crucial to choose high-quality wiring materials that are rated for in-wall use and have proper insulation. After securing your wiring in place with cable ties or clips, you can paint cord concealers or cord raceway tracks in colors matching your walls, décor, or mantle for a seamless finish.

Cutting Cord Raceway Track

Planning the wiring route is crucial to hiding unsightly wires and cables when mounting a flatscreen TV above a fireplace. Cutting cord raceway track is an easy installation solution that looks great and keeps your living room decor clutter-free. Before cutting the track, confirm measurements from the mantel to electrical outlet for proper placement without any obstructions. Use high-quality wiring materials like HDMI cables for great viewing angles, secure wiring in place with cable ties and clips, and choose a cord cover for easy DIY installation. Consider hiring an electrician for safe installation if you are not confident in your wiring skills.

Securing the Track Steps

When mounting a flat-screen TV above a fireplace, hiding unsightly wires is essential for maintaining a clutter-free décor. One great way to accomplish this task is by installing a cord raceway track. However, merely installing it isn’t enough; you need to secure it too! Why? Because securing the cord raceway track will prevent any potential accidents. To get started with this process, you must choose the right type of cord raceway track that meets your needs. Measure and mark where you want to place it and cut it carefully using a saw or cutter tool while following all safety precautions.

Attaching Cord Track Covers Steps

If you have decided to mount your TV above the fireplace wall in your living room or any other place in your home, hiding those pesky cords is a must. The best solution for this problem is attaching cord track covers. You can choose from different types of cord track covers available online or in hardware stores like Amazon or even Walmart! Once you have chosen the perfect one that fits your tv wire layout, it’s time to install it on the wall without making any mess or ruining your décor. Measure and mark where you want to attach it on either side of the fireplace mantel with a stud finder tool before drilling holes for screws or sticking it with adhesive tape. Be sure to use an electrical thermometer if necessary and route those cords using cable ties or cord clips.

Placing Junction & Corner Covers Steps

To hide TV wires above a fireplace, it is necessary to place junction and corner covers properly. The first step involves determining the location of the junction box and planning the route for wiring. Once this is done, install a junction cover to keep the wires concealed and protected. Next, choose a corner cover that complements your room’s decor while protecting your wires from damage. Finally, use cable clips or ties to secure the wires neatly in place. If DIY isn’t your forte, consider hiring a professional.

In addition to following these steps for placing junction and corner covers, there are several secondary key terms that might be useful when concealing unsightly TV wires above your fireplace. These include wall mount brackets or studs (depending on what type of wall you have), HDMI cables or extensions cords for signal transmission between devices like DVD players or gaming consoles and smart TVs; cord clips or ties for keeping cords organized and secure; different types of cable management kits available on Amazon or at hardware stores; soundbars for improved audio quality; flatscreen TVs at eye level with no obstruction caused by the mantel top; power tools required for drilling into stone or brick walls; raceway tracks for hiding cords along baseboards or floor space; electricians who can help with wiring issues; and more.

Painting the Cord Concealers Steps

To achieve a clean look for your wired TV above the fireplace, consider painting its cord concealer. First, wipe down the surface of the cord concealer and select a paint color that complements your wall or fireplace décor. To ensure proper adhesion of paint, use a primer beforehand and apply thin coats of paint. Let each coat dry entirely before adding another layer. For lasting durability and protection from damage, you may want to use a clear protective coating over it.

If you’re having trouble finding studs in your brick fireplace wall or running TV wires down through wall framing is not feasible, raceway tracks are an excellent option for cable management kit. Another good idea is using a sleek socket which saves floor space and lets you plug into an electrical outlet that’s already in use without unsightly cords dangling everywhere. By following this tutorial on attaching cord track covers and corner covers and using cable clips or ties to keep everything neat and organized, you’ll have no more eyesore cables running across your living room.

Frequently Asked Questions

Are there any safety concerns to consider when installing a TV above a fireplace?

Installing a TV above a fireplace poses safety concerns. Heat can damage the TV, so leave enough space and use a heat shield or mantel to protect it. For optimal safety, hire a professional installer who can ensure proper installation and precautions are taken.

How can I ensure that my TV is mounted securely and safely above my fireplace?

For safe and secure TV mounting above a fireplace, use a specialized wall mount and verify that the wall and fireplace can support the weight. Follow the manufacturer’s instructions closely or hire a professional installer to guarantee proper installation and safety.


Hiding wires can be a tricky task, but with the right supplies and planning, it is possible to achieve a sleek and functional look. The benefits of having a clean and organized TV above the fireplace solution are endless. You can enjoy your favorite show without any distractions or hazards around the house. With our easy-to-follow guide on hiding wires, you’ll have everything you need to make this happen. Share our article on social media with anyone who needs help in organizing their home entertainment center.

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