A wall-mounted TV can be a sleek and stylish addition to any room. However, the sight of tangled wires can quickly diminish the aesthetic appeal of your space. The good news is that wire management for wall-mounted TVs is easier than you think! In this blog, we’ll provide step-by-step instructions on how to wall-mount your TV and hide those pesky cords. We’ll also give you some DIY tips and tricks to ensure a professional-looking setup and help you avoid common mistakes. Plus, if you’re looking for a wireless solution, we’ve got some options for you too! So let’s get started on creating a neat and tidy entertainment setup that will impress all your guests.

How to Wall Mount Your TV

Mounting a TV on the wall can be tricky but with these simple steps, you’ll get it done right. Begin by selecting the appropriate wall mount bracket for your television set and collect all necessary equipment beforehand. Next up is measuring the wall’s dimensions and marking them out properly to determine where exactly to place your TV. Once you’ve established this step, come up with a smart wire management plan that will keep those pesky wires hidden from plain view. If you’re not confident in doing it yourself, consider hiring a professional installer.

Determine the Right Mounting Bracket

Selecting the appropriate wall mount bracket for your mounted TV involves considering its weight, size, and VESA pattern compatibility. Opt for a bracket that provides easy access to cable connections and wire management. If you are uncertain about choosing a mounting bracket, seek expert advice. Steer clear of common mistakes like incorrect installation of the bracket. Ensure that your content flows seamlessly from the preceding H2 or H3 topic.

Find the Right Spot for Your TV

When looking for the perfect spot to mount your TV, there are several things to keep in mind. First and foremost is mounting height – this should be at eye level when seated for optimum viewing comfort. Additionally, take into account both distance from seating and any nearby natural light sources that could cause glare or reflection. To ensure a secure attachment point on the wall itself, use a stud finder during installation. And don’t forget about proper cable management – no one wants unsightly wires ruining their living room entertainment center!

Measure for Placement

For a perfect setup and an optimal viewing experience, it’s essential to measure the height and distance from other objects before mounting your wall-mounted TV. Customize your in-wall cable management by using cord clips or a raceway kit that can hide unsightly wires. To ensure that everything is securely installed use a stud finder and choose a bracket that allows for easy access to cable connections and wire management. Plan for proper wire management with cord covers or cable ties that will keep cords hidden and organized.

How to Hide Your TV Wires

Hiding unsightly wires from your wall-mounted TV is easy with these wall mount tv hide wires solutions. You could use adhesive-backed cord clips or raceway kits that come with everything you need for an in-wall cable management system by simply following these DIY steps. First, cut a hole in your drywall with a hole saw. Then feed your cables through the top hole of your raceway and install the wall plate with screws provided. Finally, snap on the cover and connect your HDMI cables to your cable box or Amazon Firestick for perfect setup.

What You Need for Wire Management

For an easy way to hide unsightly wires from your wall-mounted TV, use a stud finder to locate studs in the wall and a power drill to make holes for cables. Keep cables together with cable ties and conceal them with a cable cover along the wall or baseboard. When planning out your wire routing for optimal placement, don’t forget to label cords before hiding them so that you can easily identify them later. This simple solution is perfect for any DIY project and ensures that your entertainment center looks neat and tidy without any visible wires.

How to Use a TV Cord Hiding Kit

If you want an easy way to hide your unsightly TV wires after mounting your television on a wall mount in plain sight without hiring a licensed electrician or moving your piece of furniture around then using a cord hiding kit is a simple solution. First thing’s first- choose a cord hiding kit that corresponds with the size of your new mounted TV. Then you can start by locating studs behind where you’ll be mounting your TV using a stud finder tool which will help you avoid any potential mishaps like drilling into electrical wiring or damaging insulation in case you own an older house with electrical wires not up to code. Afterwards using a hole saw drill two holes in those spots where you marked earlier near the top and bottom of each stud location. This will allow you to run cables from behind at either end of where your new wall-mounted tv is going up into this newly drilled channel all while keeping out of sight! Lastly thread all of those unsightly tv cables through this newly installed raceway kit before snapping on its cover providing an easy way to keep those cords out-of-sight-out-of-mind.

How to Use a Cable Raceway

An easy way to keep your wall-mounted TV setup neat and tidy is by using a cable raceway kit. Simply cut the raceway to size using a saw or hole saw. Use adhesive backing or screws to mount it on the wall. Once mounted, insert your TV wires and cables into the raceway and secure them in place with cord clips. Lastly, cover the raceway with a paintable cover for an aesthetically pleasing finish that hides unsightly cords in plain sight.

DIY Wall Mounting Tips

For a perfect setup of your wall-mounted TV without unsightly wires, there are some essential DIY tips to keep in mind. Begin by selecting the right type of wall mount and considering the placement of outlets and cords. Next, organize and conceal wires using cord clips or cable ties and cut holes in the wall for seamless concealment or use adhesive hooks to secure wires. A surge protector with built-in cable management is an easy way to simplify your set-up while in-wall cable management through drywall requires the use of raceway kits, hole saws, and stud finders.

Cut Drywall for In-Wall Wiring

Cutting drywall for in-wall wiring is a simple solution to hiding unsightly wires and cables. To get started, gather the necessary tools such as a saw or rotary tool and be sure to measure the area carefully before making any cuts. Use caution when working with electrical wiring and consider using a wire management kit for an easy way to make your wall-mounted TV setup neat and tidy. Don’t let cords ruin your home improvement project – with just a few steps, you can enjoy your new TV without them being in plain sight.

Hire an Electrician for High Voltage Wiring

To achieve a perfect setup with your wall mount TV hide wires solution, always consider hiring a licensed electrician for high voltage wiring installation. Not only will they ensure that the wiring is properly installed and grounded to prevent electrical shocks and fires but they will also help you decide on the best location for power outlets and cable jacks making your wall-mounted TV setup neat and tidy. While there are many DIY solutions available for wire management of low voltage wiring like HDMI cables or audio wires, it’s always best to call in an expert when dealing with high voltage wiring.

Wireless TV Setup Options

For the perfect setup of wireless TV, it’s essential to explore all available options such as Wi-Fi connectivity, HDMI cables and Bluetooth. By using a wall mount bracket for your TV, you can easily put the wires in plain sight behind the piece of furniture or entertainment center. To manage the wires effectively and hide them completely from view, use cord covers or raceway kits. It is always advisable to consult a professional installer or a licensed electrician for any electrical wiring or in-wall cable management needs.

Consider a Wireless Bracket

Eliminate the visual clutter of TV wires by using a wireless bracket for secure mounting that leaves no trace of wiring on the wall-mounted TV. Available in various sizes and designs that are compatible with different TVs and equipped with additional features like adjustable viewing angles and built-in cable management systems, the wireless bracket is a simple solution to hide cords. Say goodbye to unsightly wires by opting for this perfect setup for your entertainment center.

Use Adhesive Strips for Easy Setup

Looking for a perfect setup for your new TV? Consider using adhesive strips to mount your TV without any cords or wires in plain sight. You should have all the necessary tools such as mounting bracket, stud finder, hole saw and raceway kit. Use a cable management system to organize wires. Be sure to clean the surface before applying adhesive backing. Choose strips according to weight of your TV. It’s an easy DIY project which can save you money and give a neat look to your living room.

Common TV Mounting Mistakes to Avoid

Mounting a TV on the wall is no easy feat. It requires careful consideration of many factors such as mounting brackets, wall placement, hardware requirements and of course wire concealment. However, it’s important to avoid common mistakes like incorrectly measuring and marking the wall before installation or failing to properly secure the TV mount which could be a safety hazard. It’s also crucial to use correct hardware for stability and avoid unsightly cords by ensuring proper wire management.

Ensure Proper Bracket Installation

Proper bracket installation is key when wall mounting your TV. Start by obtaining the appropriate hardware and following the manufacturer’s instructions carefully. Hiring a professional may be necessary if you’re unsure about the correct installation process. Double-checking that your bracket is level will prevent any unwanted crookedness. Lastly, organize all wires and cables beforehand for an easy setup.

Frequently Asked Questions

Are there any specific tools or equipment needed for wall mount wire management?

Wall mount wire management requires specific tools and equipment, such as a stud finder, drill, level, cable ties or zip ties, and a wire stripper. A wall plate kit or cable cover may also be necessary for wire concealment. Follow safety guidelines and read the manufacturer’s instructions carefully when using these tools.

What are the benefits of wall mounting a TV?

Mounting a TV on the wall can save space and improve aesthetics while positioning it at a comfortable viewing level. It also protects from potential damage and accidents. Additionally, it can enhance sound quality by allowing speakers to be placed closer to the TV.

Can I still access the ports and controls on my TV after it has been wall mounted?

Absolutely. Even after your TV is wall-mounted, you can still access its ports and controls. Simply use a mount with an adjustable arm or bracket to move the TV away from the wall. Alternatively, try using a cable raceway or cord cover to conceal wires while maintaining easy access. It’s wise to test accessibility before mounting the TV to avoid any future inconvenience.


Wall mounting your TV is a great way to save space and improve the look of your room. However, it can be challenging to manage all the wires that come with it. Fortunately, there are several ways to hide them. You can use a cord hiding kit or a cable raceway, depending on your preference. Additionally, you can mount your TV wirelessly or hire an electrician for in-wall wiring if necessary. Whatever method you choose, avoid common mistakes like improper bracket installation and ensure that everything is secure. Want more tips on how to wall mount your TV like a pro? Share this post with your friends on social media!

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